Veri Victorelli is a multidisciplinary designer, born and raised in Brazil and is currently based in Boston. She is a pro communicator and problem solver. Veri is the type of person who will make you wait to take a picture before you eat, and will take you to the most amazing and underrated places. As a designer it is no different, she is always fostering interaction, nostalgia, beauty and comfort while trying out every different medium she can justify.

Cybèle Varela Monograph

Artist book on Cybele Varela, a Brazilian artist whose work is characterized by its celebration of life's complexities, capturing the essence of human emotions and experiences. Through her use of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and bold strokes, she invites you to explore the depths of her imagination and the beauty of her vision. .

Many of her pieces come in three canvases, each telling a unique yet interconnected story. To honor this aspect of her work, this book features fold-out pages that mirror the triptych format, allowing you to experience her art in its intended form.
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