Veri Victorelli is a multidisciplinary designer, born and raised in Brazil and is currently based in Boston. She is a pro communicator and problem solver. Veri is the type of person who will make you wait to take a picture before you eat, and will take you to the most amazing and underrated places. As a designer it is no different, she is always fostering interaction, nostalgia, beauty and comfort while trying out every different medium she can justify.

Feeling Experiment 

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Emotions and feelings are complex, abstract experiences that color our lives in unique and profound ways. Through this project, I explore the captivating concept of abstracting emo- tions by the interplay of colors and shapes. Every aspect of our daily lives has the power to impact our emotions, creating a rich tapestry of feelings that are as diverse as the individuals who experience them.

By carefully selecting colors and respecting the con- straints of the Risograph printer, the chosen colors intend to radiate the chosen emotions. Yellow radiates warmth and joy, pink embraces tenderness and compassion, green symbolizes renewal and growth, blue represents calmness and serenity, and purple embodies creativity and spirituality. These col- ors, paired with the psychology of shapes, allow us to further refine the emotional narrative. Fluid and circular shapes evoke harmony, relaxation, and unity. In contrast, straight lines and angular shapes provoke a dynamic and energetic response. Together, these elements form a visual language that speaks to the depth and diversity of human emotions.
Risograph Printed
11 x 17 in