Veri Victorelli is a multidisciplinary designer, born and raised in Brazil and is currently based in Boston. She is a pro communicator and problem solver. Veri is the type of person who will make you wait to take a picture before you eat, and will take you to the most amazing and underrated places. As a designer it is no different, she is always fostering interaction, nostalgia, beauty and comfort while trying out every different medium she can justify.


Reflexões transcends the ordinary notion of a mirror; it's a canvas where emotions, memories, and connections converge in a tactile experience.

This project delves into the intricate nuances of joy, reflection, nostalgia, and the limitless emotions that shape us. Reflexes invites you to engage creatively, not merely to leave a mark, but to contribute your essence.
As the mirror absorbs reflections from those who pause before it, it undergoes a beautiful transformation into a living mosaic of our shared consciousness. Each contribution adds a layer of depth, making everyone an integral part of this collective journey.
Mirror Installation
Currently at Boston University Fuller Building
808 Commonwealth Ave. Brookline, MA